o7 Everyone!

Nice to meet everyone, my names iyenrithe or just Rith for short

Looking forward to meeting and playing with everyone!

Welcome aboard Lyenrith!

Greetings and Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries! I am Lexton, one of your resident Prospects :smiley: If you have any questions or concerns that I might be able to address, please feel free to reach out to me via the forums PM system. With that said, I am available to answer any questions conerned the Organization, Star Citizen, General Technical Support and pretty much any question you might come up with… if I don’t have the answer I am more then willing to find someone who has the information.

Again Welcome to ADI! Good to have you here, and look forward to flying with you in the Verse!

A warm welcome Iyenrith, Sorry I missed your pm, but real life comes first and I had to sleep :wink: . Which division did you join and in what role you are interested in? Cheers changenl

Hey iyenrith,
Welcome aboard!. It was a pleasure onboarding you and chatting last night. Looks like you found the right place!

hey Rith, welcome to ADI. so are you playing in 2.6 or 3.0 atm? would be happy to get on the one you have with you.

Cool name, Rith!

I am pretty new to the org and I can already say that it is a great place to be.

See you in game!