NyhilistMist - Joining ADI!

Hello there!

My name is Ben, I’m from Melbourne, Australian and have been gaming for most of my life, I’m very interested in joining a wholesome group of peers to dive into the Universe of Star Citizen!

My background in gaming really starts in the good old days of Vanilla World of Warcraft. Over the years, I’ve been in various social groups and guilds, accomplished many difficult tasks with those groups, and enjoyed every moment along the way.

I have been following Star Citizen since it’s kickstarter, but finally took the jump and pledge earlier this year (You can thank Silverwolf for that one!). My interests in this world are heavily focused on forming a strong group of like-minded explorers to tackle this immense universe we’re about to dive into. I enjoy spending my time online socially, and plan on having an active presence in Discord/Mumble to form hopefully lasting friendships through this passion for gaming.

I hope to be engaging with the community soon, and thank you for considering me.

Ben (NyhilistMist)

Hello NyhilistMist. Welcome to ADI.

Sounds like you have some decent MMO experience under your belt. That should come in useful. It’s also nice that you already have a friend in the org. We like to bring friends of members on board. It’s a good thing he got you to take the jump as 3.0 should be right around the corner. Much more content is coming our way very soon.

Glad to have you with us. Let me know if you want to fly together sometime.

Hello NyhilemMist,

Thanks for your interest in ADI. It’s great to have you here. I’m glad you’ve been following SC for so long and finally became a backer. As SC has been developing it’s been an exciting game to watch as it progresses. 3.0 is coming out soon and this will be the most exciting update thus far. Like you, I was big into wow back in the vanilla days. There were many difficult challenges and some of the largest social gatherings in MMO history. It’s awesome that you were a part of that. I hope that SC will be as amazing as the release of wow vanilla in many ways. I hope to see you around in the near future. All the best

welcome to ADI NyhilistMist sounds like you have a lot of experience with open world games and know the struggle of fallowing a game like this. it will be good to have you with us. See you in game

Hey NyhilemMist!
It seems like you´ll easily fit in ADI! We all love teamwork!
See you in the verse!

Our history is very much the same. I too played from the beginning with WoW (the struggle was real). Also, I tracked Star Citizen’s development and decided to take the plunge this year. Glad to have you with us and can’t wait to see what we can do as an organization together!