NVIDIA 1070 optimization advice

I am having a lot of issues with areas in large cities not loading in ( walls, floors, trams, etc) . I am not sure if I have my Video card set to allow for maximum performance with SC. Is there is a set up that would allow for the shadier cash to be optimized? or anything else that could help with this issue.

GTX 1070 was released in June 2016, I’m not sure how much you can expect from a 7 year old GPU.

I think I might have a GTX 1070. So don’t talk down on a video card I don’t have the money to replace right now. LOL But it generally works fine for me. I’ve noticed a rare momentary blank screen and I had some issues with it in Mass effect Andromeda a few weeks ago that had me worried. But generally no problems while shooting and looting in SC.