November sale

Hi all,

Hope you are all well, i have a question regarding the November sales… Can anyone tell me when it ends and each day they seem to release a new sale and would like to know how long they last, are they just for the day or until the end date of the November sale?


I believe every day a new manufacturer is highlighted. For instance, today was MISC ships specifically.

I think the last day of the “expo” there will probably be one last grand sale.

Anyone else have anything more specific?

And each day rolls over at 1:00 p.m. pacific standard time.

Last day of sales start tomorrow tomorrow, Saturday 26th and goes until Sunday 27th. All manufacturers should be available again and will be a perfect time to do the melting and CCUs.

Enjoy your shopping folks!

I meant to stay away, I already have ships, but I couldn’t help myself! I picked up an 85X and CCU’d my way to a cutlass black which with the remodel looks awesome!

Lots of rumours about the finale but the DEVS seems to be saying their will be a number of $40 pledges available with everything already seen being displayed again. Everything else is just speculation!