Not all events show on Google Calendar

So I added the ADI Calendar to my Google calendar. And it only shows things like meetings. None of the ops seem to be showing in it. Is this expected behavior, or am I doing something wrong?

I have noticed this as well. never thought to ask about it though. +1

Same same for me. I imported the ADI calendar to my Google calendar after your note and only the meeting dates showed. The org op dates did not import. I don’t know why; hopefully, one of the S6 gurus will see this thread and investigate.

Google Calendar is not S6, we’ll need an SD+ to look into this.

This should now be sorted. Please check if this issue is resolved for you.

If you can not see any ADI events in your google calendar, verify that you have sync turned on for the calendar. See the link below to troubleshoot more issues.


Yeah I can see all of them now. And and in my own timezone too! Thanks for getting this fixed WaterDrop :smiley:

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