Noob Banu defender driver can't make a right turn with landing gear down

Hi, My banu defender won’t yaw to the right on mouse with the landing gear down but is fine when up. I… reinstalled game from scratch and problem persists.( Other ships work fine, so no issues with mouse). There is some item spawning in front of the ship in the hangar, floating in mid air… pic attached. Can anyone help?


That looks like a quantum drive. Have you checked the component layout for your Banu in the Vehicle Manager? Maybe swap the current drive with another and re-spawn the ship…see if that fixes the issue.

if swapping the component doesn’t reset the ship, “and” if you really want to fly your defender, you can reset your account and the ship should default and work after that.

also maybe check the issue council

I’ve had the same issue (though it was left turn for me) in my Defender. Possible it’s atmospheric/wind related as the Defender has the aerodynamic properties of a crab- that’s all I could figure. Holding landing gear until over the spot for landing (or immediately raising for takeoff) seems to work around for now.

I’m gald to read this. I have a simialr issue with my Cutlass Black.
It’s not just Yawing that I have an issue with either. I have the following issue EVERYTIME I try to fly it: I seem to take off (Unless it happens on take off), get so far then I either hit a roid, another ship, star base, planet surface or someones laser beams… It’s such a broken game!
(yes, I’ve crashed in to a planets surface)

Finallly found a fix. The Banu gets corrupted…Put all original components back onto ship, fly out and self destruct… Reclaim the ship and voila no more problems

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