No pledge ship?


Just updated Star Citizen to 3.5 after a break and I don’t have my OJ315P. I’ve had it since 2013 so I know i havent lost it. Any ideas?


That’s odd.
Maybe check your account data on RSI to make sure no one hacked you & traded it.
You only have this one account I assume?


Like CaptainCypher said, check your account history. Log in the website, go to Account > My Hangar > Hangar Log. If it was gifted or melted there should be a record there.

If you are sure you didn’t do this, you’ll need to contact RSI support to report the theft. If you need help figuring that out, let us know.

Lastly, I highly recommend enabling 2-factor authentication if you haven’t already.


If you mean that it isn’t in the game currently, it at this time is not. You should have a 300i I believe in it’s stead for the time being.


The 3xx series are getting reworked and they issued you a 300i until the variants are ready.


I’ll check it out, but if the 315 is still being reworked it would make sense that I have the 300i instead. THanks.


I own a 315P and I can confirm that I instead have a 300i in my hangar atm, because of the rework.


well, RSI says that the 315 rework is complete so… blah! i have one 300i and one 300i-2
But, yeah, everything is good i guess. Just was worried i’d been bamboozled!