Hello everyone,

I am Nickled, but you can just call me Nick. I am currently living in South Louisiana and working offshore on a production platform in the Gulf of Mexico. My job and family (wife and 2 kids) puts a lot of restraint on how often I am available to do any gaming, but I try and get on as often as possilbe when I’m home.

I hope to get to know a lot of you well and maybe learn some new things. Especially about Star Citizen, which I’m just starting to get into playing.

Greetings Nick, you will hear and see ‘Real Life First’, when you can get into the ‘verse’ / game / hobby, we’ll see you! Another really cool thing about this organization, is if you have questions, you ‘WILL’ get an answer as detailed as you need to understand or in passing. Mumble is the primary way of talking/chatting so ask away. As of late, many members have noticed an increase in pain in the butt ‘griefers’ so strongly encourage joining a group and being with others (that can come to your aid as needed) (Mumble, take note of those online and add to your contact list), even to show you around the verse. Again, Glad to have you onboard and will be looking forward to joining up … ‘in the Verse’!

Welcome to ADI, Nickled! You definitely sound like a busy guy and I can understand that you have priorities that come before gaming. The great thing is that real life does come above all else with this org so that will not be an issue at all. Glad to have you with us. Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you around when you can make it.

Hi Nickled,

Welcome to ADI, We understand how life gets busy, alot of us here are Professionals with higher priority obligations then gaming. That being said I look forward to talking with you when you do have some time to game. Feel free to reach out if you have questions.


Welcome, I think you’ll find that many in the organization share the same struggles. As more myself it is a balancing act to find time for a hobby, spending time with the family and focusing on my career, but it also helps me put things in perspective.

If you ever need any help or would like to wing up in the verse let me know.

Welcome Nickled, I can understand the balancing act of family, work, and gaming and have to say this group is pretty good about making sure you can stay focused on the priorities of life.