New to SC - Phunyun

Hello! A long time ago I spent hundreds of hours in Eve and more recently some hours in Elite: Dangerous, now I’m giving Star Citizen a try. I picked up the Aurora package to start with and looking forward to see how things go.

I do enjoy FPS games such as Overwatch and Titanfall, but I think my “career” focus in SC will be economy, mining, or transportation (as is what I did when I played Eve), whatever peaks my interest.

Welcome to ADI, Star citizen is fairly exciting there is a ton of content to look and read through. If you have any questions or want to fly look me up on mumble.

It was great chatting with you before your onboarding! Let me know if you need a copilot for some extra-safe space trucking.

I know we talked a lot on mumble already, but if you have any more questions about the org or Star Citizen, feel free to reach out.

Hi Phunyun,

Welcome to ADI. I recently jumped back from Elite myself. Hope to see you in mumble soon, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Hey Phunyun and welcome to ADI! For me as well the economy aspects of the game interest most even though I’m really looking forward to play pretty much every available role in the game.

Welcome Phunyun. There I am looking into mining myself. I look forward to flying with you in the verse.

Greetings Phunyun and welcome to ADI! I love the Aurora LN, a lot of fun and a great starter ship. You will definitely be in good company in the economy, mining, and transport fields. If you have questions just let any of us with blue names know. You can PM here or in Discord any time. Welcome to the team!

Hey Phunyun! I am always happy to hear about new members who bring a ton of experience to the org. I am also interested in the economic side of things. This should be a good year as far as progress goes for that type of gameplay. I always recommend that new members get on mumble and discord so that you can interact with the other members. I have learned so much in a very short period of time because of the people in ADI. Again, welcome and the org and fly safe! See you around.

Welcome to ADI Phunyun we have a great group jump into game with us and have some fun when you have time


Welcome to ADI. I’m glad to see your interest in multi roles. Personally I’m a self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades and I hope to participate in all legal aspects of gameplay. Give me a shoutout on mumble if you need some crew.

See you around the 'verse!



Yea, star citizen is definitely an exciting game, and I hope you enjoy it during it’s development.

I also overheard that you were inside aviation industry. Is this true? I am currently pursuing a career into it as well.

Regardless, welcome to ADI! :smiley: