New To Org.

Hey all!

Uthis here, I am currently a solo player looking to be part of a progressive organization. My main concern is having the ability to communicate with other players. I am still unskilled and untested and would like team I can practice and grow with. I am curious to how many active players there are and what are the roles so far. I rather enjoy both fps and dog fighting. But I am willing to work on several roles to help out. Any advice or constructive criticism is always appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Citizen Uthis

Welcome to ADI! We’re proud to have you with us. Communication is vital for an org with 4600 members. We communicate daily with each other through Discord and through Mumble primarily as well as these forums. Our members play together, fly together, and practice daily and we are more than happy to offer any advice answer any questions you might have. If you need anything don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us.

Hi Uthis,
Welcome to ADI. You found the right place. I’m hoping that all of your expectations will be meet here. There are many people here willing to provide gameplay and technical assistance. Just ask.

We’ll also have a formalized training program in the future for many of the types that interest you in star citizen.

See you out there…

Hello Uthis,

Good to have you with us. Communication is indeed important and something we take very seriously, as the lack thereof is very likely to screw up any organized team play.

I would recommend that you join one of our Friday night flight nights. They are open to all members and dedicated to teach primarily two things - proper flight communication and how to work closely together to support eachother in a flight of multiple ships.

Hope you will enjoy being a part of the culture here. Welcome.

Hi Uthis,

you choosed the right Org to team up with other players and start your experience in multicrew in the verse. With the upcoming release of 3.0 a good teamwork will become more importent

so, hop-on on our mumble server and find some folks to fly with



Welcome Uthis,

Glad to have you with us here at ADI. That’s awesome that you’re looking to grow in your ability. ADI is a great place to further training. Be sure to check out one of our flight nights, I’m sure you’ll find some what is said helpful toward training. Best wishes

You’ll have all the opertinuty to grow here you could ever ask for. So glad to gave you and can’t wait to fly with you.

Welcome to ADI!

Well if you want people to fly and fight with you’ve found the right org lol. What division did you land in?