new to ADI!

Hey guys I just joined ADI and look forward to playing Star Citizen with yall.

Welcome aboard

Welcome to ADI, Daethy!

Welcome to ADI Daethy. See you in the mumbles.

Welcome Daethy!!! See youve already been onboarded. Talk to you in mumble sometime.

Welcome Daethy!

Happy Holidays, and thank you for your interest in ADI! We’re looking forward to playing Star Citizen with you as well, alongside getting to know more about you! Be sure to take some time getting to know a few of our many members. We host training/Friday night flight nights which help with this, along side spending some time in Mumble. Once 2.6 and 3.0 drop things will really start picking up within the org SC wise as well as becoming much more interesting! Until then, enjoy SC, as well as some of the other games that ADI supports, such as CoD and ARK.

Let us know if you have any other questions, and once again, welcome to the ADI family!


Hey Daethy! Welcome to the group :slight_smile: