New Recruit:Raven_Blue

My tag in RSI may be Hrafnblau, but Hrafn (Rah-fn) is less of a mouthful.

Got a really well done email explaining why this org might be right for me and so I figured I’d take the leap.

Super new to Star Citizen, but I have run server best guilds in other MMO’s (mostly World of Warcraft), played EVE online extensively for several years, and have a wide collection of real life experience that may prove useful to this org.

I look forward to finding a niche, developing the skills necessary to be successful, and working with a team to accomplish goals.



Hello and welcome to ADI and the verse !

Welcome to ADI, look forward to playing with you!


Welcome to ADI, see you in Mumble

Welcome to the org!

Welcome to ADI !
You chose well.

Welcome to ADI , have fun and enjoy .