New Player Introduction - Skoobee

New player as of a few days ago. Really like the game, and judging by the rules, ADI seems like a good fit.

Professional out of college. Not interested in drama, just playing to have fun.

Interested in building skill with the game and hopefully helping others eventually. I already have learned a lot but I think there’s still a lot more to learn. So if anyone wants to help/needs an extra player just let me know!



Welcome aboard! If building skills is what you’re after, I’d attend as many trainings as possible and work towards the certifications. Having completed the CF1 exam myself, I can tell you foundations of fight and foundations of combat are brilliant courses taught here by hardworking instructors.

Im a newbie too but welcome aboard!

Hi Skoobee, welcome to ADI. Which ship are you enjoying ATM?


I’ve been using the Arrow and the Titan, seems pretty good. But honestly I don’t know much about the ships yet. A lot to learn. What ships do you like?

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to check those out.

Hello, Nomek

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I love the M2 but only because it’s the first ship I ever seen of star citizen. It looks awesome and I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops. I like the Razor too, I don’t actually have one but I find the possibility of stealth in it really attractive, shame about the lack of cargo space.
I’ve got a got a place for the Aurora too as I like that it’s small … I could probably list 6 or 7 more shops that I like. Damn you CIG!