New Player Introduction - JustAdrian98

Hey everyone my name is Adrian (IGN JustAdrian98), I recently joined Star Citizen (about 1 week old). I have experience in other sims such as Arma and DCS.

IRL I am an engineering student in Germany. Hoping to see you guys in-game !


Hello and welcome to ADI. I hope you’re coping with he heat. I’m from the UK. I’ve not been logged on tonight because of the heat but will hopefully see you on tomorrow. What ship are you enjoying?

Thank you. The heat is killing me also. I’m more or less a team player so I enjoy multicrew ships such as Hurricane, Andromeda and Cutlass

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Welcome aboard! I dabble in DCS a little myself from time to time. I think you’ll find this is a pretty good crew!

Welcome to ADI JustAdrian98. I’m glad you joined the team.