New Player Intro - MistahXSleepy

Morning fellow citizens in the Verse. It’s nice to meet you all.

I pledged mid-May and have been enjoying CS casually, mostly running bounties and bunker missions solo. Really interested in checking out some of the more Co-Op / PVP aspects of the game.

Been playing games all my life, and I am absolutely enthralled by the vision that is CS. Really excited to experience this journey within this Org, and to make a name for ourselves in the stars.

Currently flying: Avenger Titan, Gladius Valiant. (If I had a crew, would make it a lot more enticing to pledge for one of the larger ships.)


There’s so many people with big ships looking for crew that it might be easier to join up as crew. Welcome to ADI!

Lol… good to know. I’m sitting in the Mumble but can’t message anyone? Not sure what I should do for the one on one interview.

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I just read this, I seen that you jumped into Mumble but that no-one caught you to complete the onboarding. It’s very rare for no-one to be in there. Perils of the summer weekend when most are out. I’m away at a this weekend with family myself. Give it a a little while an jump back in, someone will catch you and take you through the process and get you signed up. Make sure you check out training and sign up for some events!

Hi Mate Welcome to ADI As Zebra said unfortunatly you came in when noone was available which is fairly rare im around now for a few hours if your available?

Hey Ghillie, sure thing I’ll hop on for awhile right now. Appreciate the quick responses!

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Welcome aboard! Hope to meet you in Mumble soon!

Welcome to ADI it is great to have you as part of the Org!

Welcome to ADI MistahXSleepy. I’m glad you joined the team. The Avenger Titan is one of my favourite ships. See you around.