New player here


Hi! names 5hadowfax, call me shadowfax or shadow or fax anything really lol. Iv only played 20 or so hours of star citizen but I’m really excited to join you guys! I love flying the most so i hope to become a fighter pilot or a hauler. I hope to learn a lot and contribute however i can. thanks for the invite!


Hey Shadow and welcome to ADI! nothing wrong with being new to SC as a big part of what we do is bringing in new players and teaching them the ways of the 'verse. we’re excited to see you join us and glad you chose ADI to call your home! we can always use a few more Aces in our fleet so your piloting skills are always welcome!

Welcome to ADI!


Welcome on board Shadowfax, great to read your enthusiasm.
I joined ADI asap, too. Best decision we could make.
I can guarantee you that you will learn a lot, keep sure to take your time. #RuleNo3
So far no master has fallen from the sky.

Thank you for joining ADI!


Welcome 5hadowfax! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with an active and experienced members to have fun, chill and learn. Sounds like you will fit in well with being a fighter pilot or cargo hauler, always need more. Looking forward to seeing you in the Verse!


Welcome to ADI 5hadowfax :slight_smile:

Very nice talking to you in the onboarding.

See you in the Verse!


Welcome aboard to ADI Shadow! It sounds like you have some good goals. For fighters, the Gladius is good for Close Air Support and for Medium, I really like the Super Hornet. For heavies, I like the Sabre for single crew and the Warden for 2 crew. If you want a good multi-role, the Cutlass Black is good but not really used in an organized OP as a fighter that often since it is a sluggish dog fighter and missiles currently don’t perform well in game. For hauling, again you can start with the pickup of the Verse, the Cutlass Black but most are going to say the Freelancer is your best starting hauler or the 18 wheeler of the verse. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here, Discord, or Mumble but I find Discord to be the best! Hope to see you soon in the Verse and we thank you for choosing ADI as your Star Citizen home!


i was actually thinking about getting a fighter, would you recommend the gladius over the avenger? p.s. i have the cutlass black atm


Hey Shadow - welcome to ADI. If you are hauling and want a wingman look me up. Great to have you with us and see you in-game!


If you can I would try them both out prior to buying. Everyone has opinions and a different style of flight. You could probably ask if anyone has them and borrow them for a few flights.

Welcome to ADI!


Hi Shadowfax. Welcome to ADI! Good to have you with us.


Welcome to ADI. You’ve joined a great gaming community that will definitely bump those hours played up with you. Looking forward to flying with you in the verse.


Hi there, Shadowfax! Luckily, there’s always more space for pilots in just about anything. We’ll show you the ropes in the 'Verse when you have time. See you soon!


Shadow, I would chose a Gladius or Arrow over an Avenger. Avenger is not quite a fighter but the Gladius and Arrow are and will also respond very good in an atmosphere as well as in space. However if you can arrange it with a member, you should try them out first. I would help you but, like you, I currently only have the Cutlass Black. I had an Arrow before the Cutlass and it was real maneuverable but on the squishy side but I think that was more because of the ESP bug than actually getting blown away?


welcome 5hadowfax
glad to have you inboard ADI i think you will like it here we have a lot of good people in ADI if you ever need any help please just ask


Shadow, just in case you have not seen it on Discord, slitsnipe has both the Gladius and Arrow and is volunteering to lend them out for test flights.


Hello Shadowfax and welcome to ADI! I think you will find what your looking for here in ADI! The members and leaders are the best and you can learn a lot from them. Take a look at the opportunities that are available in ADI and be sure to take advantage of them. See you in the Verse!


Welocme to ADI Shadow. You find you made the right choice. ADI has a tremendous mentoring spirit; making it ideal for players starting out and more experienced players willing to share their knowledge. So don’t be shy. Jump into Mumble, onto Discord and enjoy these forums. Volunteer in the mass ops when you can. I learn something every time I do. I look forward to running ops with you.


Welcome Shadow, we hope you can grow just like many of us have and we look forward to all the things to come ships wize for hauling or ship to ship combat.


Shadow, I’ll pile on late and add my welcome to ADI. You have picked a great place to call home in the verse. Look forward to flying with you soon


Welcome to ADI Shadow! With the new flight model coming soon, I’m sure we will all get to learn how to fly again together! Look forward to seeing you out there with us!