New PC, SC keeps Crashing

I have a new PC and SC crashes few minutes after spawning at Port Tressler.

My CPU is overclocked to 5GHz all cores at 1.3V, max CPU temp is 77°C, GPU is running at 2GHz VRAM at 7.5GHz, RAM has EXP active.
When playing SC at 1440p i got ~ 60FPS and my CPU is at 100% all the time, my GPU is at ~ 65%.

I can complete GPU/CPU benchmarks, play Warframe, Anthem…

My PC setup:

There are a number of issues current in 3.9 causing instability. See if these apply to you. If not, I’d advise to wait for a patch/fix later this week as they are actively working on this.

Usually it is a problem with ram settings being to agressive. I got 3600s but I run them 3000 with decreased read/write timings. I actually get better performance and stability this way. Probably other people have had your problems so t here might be threads arround that have already found ideal settings for your particular kit.

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