New One

Hey there,
my name is Christian and i’m a 36 yeara old from Germany. My main daily job is coding for an ERP system at a customer’s site and my hobby are all types of space games. Mainly X-Series and Elite Dangerous in the last time.

Got the invitation mail today for the Star Citizen Organization and i liked what i saw, so i applicated.
Happy to be here :slight_smile:


Was great meeting you this morning, welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI Christian! I’m glad that you found ADI best suiting org for you.

Thank you all, yes was a nice talk today :slight_smile:

Hi CallOne,

Welcome to ADI, Nice to see you are already in mumble meeting folks, hopefully I will get a chance to talk to you soon.

Welcome Callone, I’m always happy to see another new member join the Org. Hope to meet you on mumble later and fly with you in the future.

Good evening CallOne (well its evening in Arizona), glad to have you onboard in ADI. You’ll soon find that the folks here are very friendly and will answer questions that you might have, including me. Hope to see you in the verse, again Congrats!!

Christian, Welcome to ADI! We’re happy to have you and hope that you find this to be a great fit.

If you need any help or need a wingman send me a message. Jump on mumble anytime.