New Membership Resuest

Handle is NoClu, looking forward to working with all of ya’ll.

Hello NoClu!

Welcome to ADI - Glad you stopped by and hope to see you in Mumble soon! What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? I’m still undecided, I like the noncombat aspects but am competitive at heart so i may have to get a fighter in addition to exploration/mining ships.

I am very new to the game but want to try my hands at everything, went a little crazy and bought a nice ship in my mind lol so starting off big. All in or nothing. I was looking to do mining and salvage and really wanna run some cargo and make some money.

Absolutely - when you’re able to join us on Mumble so we can do an onboarding and welcome you to full membership and into a crew in game :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to check off all the join steps (including the ones in the announcement at the top of the Introductions forum).

Hey NoClu93!

Long time, no see! Welcome to ADI, and it was great talking to you on spectrum. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

We were all new players once, but now is a great time to learn the game. As you ask questions you’ll help myself and others learn the game too.

I think you are in good company when it comes to spending too much on big ships. I’d be happy to join up with you in the game and run mining or salvage or even cargo. I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades that enjoys working as a team.

Please send me a shoutout on mumble when you get a chance. If I’m not online another member will be there to help you.

Thanks I’m on shift today and the fire station doesn’t have good enough internet and too many firewalls to play but tomorrow I’m all in want to make some cargo and salvage runs. I still can’t figure out how to navagate or do jumps so I welcome the help.

Welcome to ADI, NoClu93! You are joining us just in time to try out 3.1. I don’t have access to the PTU because I am not a subscriber. Hopefully once they open it up to the PU, things get more interesting. From the videos I have seen, there have been some improvements. Join us on mumble and discord. I hope to see you around!

Anyone know what is going on with the RSI website keep getting gateway time out

Welcome to ADI, I am sure the website is a little messed up with all the server load changing all the time with 3.1. Hit me up on mumble if your looking for people to play with i am always down to fly.

Hello NoClu93, welcome! It was good working toward your onboarding today; if you’re able to get mumble working on your laptop tomorrow someone should be able to finish you out no problem! If you have any questions about ADI/SC you’re welcome to ask.

Welcome NoClu! Nice to have you with us. What ship did you purchase as a “starter”?

I believe I got the Connie andromeda. But I have a c2 and an atlas as well everything else I bought in game.

Welcome to ADI - If you need protection during transport runs, come check out Private Contract Services.

/ Crue (PCS Division Director)