New member Hercules_13

Hello all. New to the Org for Star Citizen and also brand new to the game. Former (retired) C-130 (Hercules) and C-17 (Globemaster) pilot. Cheers


GREAT to see more former military joining. I’m a massive military buff! Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to the Team Hercules_13 glad to see new players to star citizen joining ADI it is truly an amazing game to play.

That’s pretty cool. Welcome to ADI!

Welcome @Hercules_13! Thanks for being my first onboarding, it was a pleasure talking with you. hope to fly with you soon in the verse!

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Great to see another AF member in the org, I was SecFo 3P0 for almost 4 years (Medboard) but I did some Phoenix Raven stuff working alongside the C-130`s for unsecure airfield landings.

Looking forward to seeing you around the 'Verse.

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Welcome to ADI @Hercules_13!

Great flying with you today. Hope to travel with you in the future.

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Welcome to ADI Hercules_13, and thank you for your service. I look forward to running ops with you.

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Welcome to ADI, @Hercules_13! Lots of us Servicemembers around here. Feels like home in that regard. When I was a brand new player I wish like hell I had the 4 Basic Certs modules. Check them out and self certify. Great stuff in there.

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Welcome aboard Hercules_13, Thank you for your service. I have flown on a C-130 quite a few times. My first time getting airsick was on a 130 flying into Nellis. :slight_smile: Glad you to have you onboard. Look forward to flying with you.

Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen @Hercules_13!

Your real world experience will be great asset to the org.

See you in the verse!

Based on my number of crash landings in Star Citizen, I was probably the pilot going into Nellis.

Welcome to ADI! I got to go for a ride on a C130 once, many years ago when heading to a training ex with the engineers. Super cool plane to fly in :slight_smile: As for the game, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We have many friendly and knowledgeable folks who will be happy to help. See you in the verse!

flew with you today :slight_smile: glad to meet ya, and welcome aboard!

welcome to ADI hercules, i hope you find what you are looking for here in ADI and I will see you in the verse. Don’t forget to keep checking the forums and SIGN UP for any org ops and training that interest you.

Welcome to ADI @Hercules_13! Don’t worry too much about your crash landings in the game, right now there is plenty of time to get used to the flight model and learn how to land without cost. Hope to see you in the verse real soon!

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