New Here

Just getting a lay of the land. Not sure what division to enter. Any guidance on skill sets to join would be helpful


Welcome to ADI.
Don’t stress too much ATM about division, have a red and chat with whoever onboards you. You’ll be able to take part in other activities, infact it’ll be encouraged. Choose what seems right for you. Worst case you can always move but hopefully you’ll decide what’s right first time.
See you in Mumble

Welcome to ADI yes that is correct. I always suggest people join the division that best suted what they plan on doing most, once the game goes live. As certs come out you will just need to be certified within the org to join org missions your division will not limit that. And if you decide you would like to change divisions later you can we just ask that members do not change divisions several times in a short period of time.

Welcome to ADI - while I haven’t jumped into training certs myself, yet - I think you’ll find them helpful in terms of getting a baseline of the expectation for skill sets. As has been said, consider what you want to do in game, let that be the guide. When I first onboarded, I was worried, probably too much, about what division to join - one of the staff put me at ease when they suggested that if my interests and in game play style changed, I could potentially request a division change to reflect that new direction.

Welcome SlickJWilly, to ADI. I look forward to flying with you soon.