New guy says Hello

Hello everyone

2 days ago i started playing Star Citizen and now i landed here, so yeah… Hi waves

Casual player with a family and a job, located in Europe.
Hoping to find help navigating the “verse”, as they call it, be part of something bigger. I did not realized how “Huge” this game is for an aplha release and what potential it has.
So far i managed to deliver some boxes in my Avenger Titan (love those optics) and now i wanned to try minig in a cave. (i am not the “guns blazing” type of a player).
Youtube and the chat have been rly helpfull so far.

Anyway, just wanned to say hello and see where this journey will take me.

Happy New Year!


Welcome to ADI!
Try to stay in Mumble & Discord fairly often to get acclimated.

Hello and welcome to ADI

Welcome glad to have another family man aboard.

Welcome to ADI and the verse! I love my Avenger Titan, always my go to when I’m going from point A to point B!