New Citizen Lekknot

Hello everyone. I am a longtime gamer for 25 years. 40 years old. I have had a distant eye on Star citizen but never looked into much besides the earlier hype years ago. Tonight i decided join up and start. Even though i got lost i spent 2 hours inside the first space station it was fun. Reminded me of day one of Everquest servers going live.

I come to you to be apart of something big and to learn from you and most importantly respect what you have built. Quickly i realized Star Citizen is not meant for the hermit solo player. And sadly for the last 15 years that’s what my gaming has been like when it comes to MMO’s.

I enjoyed your recruitment video and being an US Army infantry veteran it got me riled up. Wearing my Army PT shirt now.

I am excited for this game because i have to learn a new way of playing. So its really exciting to be a true noob and learn from the best.

Thank You.

Welcome to ADI Lekknot, and thank you for your service. You’ll find you’re in good company here in ADI so don’t be shy. Read and contribute to the forums, get into Discord’s chat rooms, make friends and have fun. I especially enjoy our mass ops, as I imagine you will. I look forward to running ops with you.

Nice meeting you tonight Lekknot, welcome to Atlas Defense Industries!

Hi Lekknot, good to have you in ADI. I’m from the UK, and not a vet, but I know the Org has lots of vets within it, and the core principles are founded around those you will have lived by for many years, so I know you’ll fit in well here.

Star Citizen is something that, honestly, has never been attempted before. The scale and depth that the game is aspiring to, and starting to achieve, is truly breath-taking, to the extent that really it’s something that none of us have experienced before or are familiar with, so just ask any question that comes to mind, whether on Mumble or in the forums - we’re all learning (and messing up regularly!) together.

Welcome to ADI @Lekknot . I can only imagine how difficult it would be to start out as a brand new player at Area18. I would have probably given up trying to find the space port let alone how to get the hanger open. Port O was a lot easier to get new players feet off the ground. You found a great group of people to fly with. Get into mumble and let the questions fly, let the adventure begin.

Welcome @Lekknot, You have come to the right place to open up and expand your MMO experiences. SC is definitely not for the solo/hermit player though they can do a good bit as it is, the team is always the best experience you’ll find here. You’ve arrived at a great time, chat everyone up, ask questions as needed and we are ready to answer. See you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI! That’s a lot of gaming experience (Respect!! :slight_smile: ) Yeah to this day I sill sometimes get lost in Port Olisar let alone Area 18. There is always something good to know in this organization whilst hanging out with some truly awesome folks!! Looking forward to see you on Mumble!

Hello lekknot,

Thanks for joining and welcome on the flight deck. See you in the verse.

Welcome to the team. I’m sure you will fit right in as a SM myself I enjoy it here and the training will give you flash backs.

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