Need some infomation about buying ships !!!!

So i can´t find the infomation about some of the ship(s), when, how they go on sale.

Before pay for the game, i very much like the idea and the video i see with the Cutlass Blue (Black).
As i want the Cutlass Blue for better shield, and have cell for my bounty, Can travle deep deep in space, the Cutlass Blue has the most advanced Jump Drive of all three of the Cutlass variants.
It is “cheap”, Cheaper to fix after some damage Vs many other ships for same task.

For me it sound like my kind of bounty hunter ship for bringe back my bounty.

So is the ship coming on sales again ?
Is it only limit time sales on it ?

If i buy a Cutlass Black now to start learn how it fly, Can i one day buy upgrade to Cutlass Blue, And get the item that the Cutlass Blue is born with ?

If not i have to wait for the Cutlass Blue come back on sale on day ?

Yes i do know that the Cutlass XXX right now are getting look at.

And i was thinking of a more Dogfighter ship for the short trip to kill my bounty and maybe some stealth option.
I like the idea of the Sabre, And again i want the Sabre, NOT the Sabre Comet, As the Sabre have more value in is load out Vs the Comet, And for me the Comet one pay for a paint job, That if looking at the RSI page is around 5$ for other paint job.

But as i am a BAD pilot at this time, Maybe the Super Hornet is better, As i can read it can take a few (lot) of dmg before going down.
And still do good damage.

Any tips about the SH Vs Sabre for pure kill my bounty and live to tell my story :laughing:
I welcome any tips and ideas.