Need help with X 52 Pro

Howdy all
I have a Saitek X 52 Pro It was working last week.
I loaded the newest drivers and it stopped working.
I reverted to the old drivers and it still does not work.

I did unplug everything to make sure the Saitek is 1st device.
The Key binding screen does recognize the X 52.
I have tried everything I could find online so far… No help
I’m at a total loss on how to make it work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Best bet is to hop on mumble and find Blaze or Zarkloyd.

When the joystick is plugged in open the X52’s control panel, there should be an icon in your tray, you can then see if the pc is registering the inputs.

Figured it out…
and yes the PC was registering the inputs.

I am using the options panel in SC to configure the controls.
When I reinstalled the drivers it still showed the same configuration I set up.
Somehow iit broke the link between the controls setup and the X52.
Once I reconfigured the controls it fixed the problem