Need help with Discord

Hi all!

I had a Discord account with another moniker from Steam.

Last night logged into Discord via web browser using Bionicz moniker and received invite to ADI channel.

As I had another moniker associated to e-mail account, wasn’t able to use Bionicz with that email.

The solution was to login to account and change moniker to Bionicz.

So I need someone with Discord Admin rights to kick that “Bionicz” i think was #2442 from ADI channel.

After that I will login again with my old account, now with Bionicz moniker, and you please invite me again.

Thanks! Be safe! See you in the 'verse! :+1: :+1:

@Bionicz you are Bionicz#2404 for ADI.

If you can, change your name to Bionicz1 or whatever name you can get into the lobby with to XXXXX1. The 1 at the end of your name will result in a bot announcing to the staff that you’re in the lobby with a discord issue.

You need to be online so a staff member can then help you.

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Thanks Jolly01!
Take care!

All set!

Thanks again!

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