Need help to find my very first HOTAS


Hey guys,

I am thinking about buying my first HOTAS so want to hear what all of you think.
I have had my eyes on this HOTAS Warthog for some time but it is very expensive and I don’t know if it is overkill or even if it is good. What do all of you guys who is using joysticks and hotas think ? … as-warthog

Also what joystick or HOTAS are you using and what do you think about it?


The decision on what stick to purchase is a big one. There are several HOTAS options from several manufacturers; Saitek, Thrustmaster, etc. Price will probably be your most influencing factor. My advice is take your time and do your research. The Warthog does not have the option for “twist stick” so you would need pedals for the third axis. I personally have always been a fan of Saitek products, but have never used anything else. I can not give you a fair comparison. Ask around, there are plenty of folks here willing to share their opinions.


ThrustMaster T16000m is $40 right now, 43% off: … B01MQEDEEW

The Warthog is fantastic, but lacks twist so you’ll need pedals as well. Personally I use the T16000m for the twist and the Warthog throttle only because I don’t currently have room for my pedal setup.

US site here, but the Warthog is $350 now! … B00371R8P4


Thank you for the post and the links :slight_smile:


I use a saitek x52, and it performs all things star citizen pretty well! I think it’s one of the cheaper ones too. I haven’t done research on them since my ED days so if you have any questions hit me up


I’m currently in the same boat, i bought a Thrustmaster X as a stop gap while i researched a few options. Initially i was looking at the Warthog, but as Keil2841 mentioned above, it has no twist action on the stick. The Logitech X-56 (reworked X-55 from Saitek) looks like a good all rounder. It has had a decent rework by Logitech, improved build quality and adjusted throttle response now, and the all important (for me anyway) stick twist.

They currently have them on Amazon for around £215 Link Here

If you’re looking for a high end flight control system, the VPC Mongoos T-50 / VPC Constellation Delta & VPC WarBRD Base look like a great combination, but will run in excess of £700 once shipped - these are available at - they come into stock once a month or so, and sell very fast.


My current is the X52, and I’m happy with it for the most part, but I’ve had problems with the throttle. I’ve been watching the Virpil product line pretty closely and may give them a shot. Noobifier has in-depth reviews on youtube


I have the WARTHOG and I find it to be a great option for both SC and for high fidelity flight sims. Do note that there is no twist on the joystick so you will want to consider rudder pedals. Also since this is going to be used for SC, I recommend an analog replacement for the digital slew on the throttle, as it works great for strafing in SC, and for sensor input in flight sims.