Need help picking a ship

So, here is my history, I tried out for a week Star Citizen with a PAX Code or whatever and I really enjoyed the depth of flying mechanics the game has. The demo was played on a F7C Hornet (the regular version) and I really enjoyed it.
Since I’m kinda low on money I got my hands on a code for an Mustang Omega and I’ve been playing for 1-2 days with it and I don’t get the feeling I enjoyed as much as I enjoyed with the F7C, I feel like the ship is complete rubbish, both in Fighthing as in Racing since the ship is completely uncontrollable and I mostly enjoy more fighting and exploring over Racing. Now is the part where you guys enter, I heard you can do a few upgrades and I was looking forward for tips: Should I upgrade it and for wich one? Should I save the ship since it will be rarer (has the AMD paint and stuff)? Should I stop being a p*ssy and learn how to drive it like a real men?

Thanks in advance, fellow citizens!

In my opinion you have several choices

a. Save it and learn to drive it and it will probably rise in value
b. Save it and CCU (cross chassis upgrade) to a ship you like better like the hornet/avenger/gladius, this saves any package items
c. Melt it for in store credit to buy a ship this doesn’t save any package items
d. Save it and buy another ship

I would prefer the d. answer

edit spelling err

You can’t melt the Omega’s they have a $0 melt value.

Thanks for the answers so far, I’ve learnt about the REC system so I’ll probably keep it, or I’ll try to get a few more guns on it ^^

As a combat ship, the Omega isn’t going to do well. You might be able to do OK if you upgrade the base weapons, but it’s not designed to be a fighter. As a racer, it’s very good. It handles very well on the track when flown with COMSTAB off (Ctrl + Caps Lock to turn it off if it’s on) and boosting through turns. It’s about 1/3 faster than the Hornet (which honestly handles like a pig on the track, and doesn’t have near enough boost to compensate for it), so it’s going to drift a lot without the boost.

I know you said that racing isn’t your thing, but if you want to get the most out of the Omega, hop on Mumble and drop down to the racing team channel (best racing team in the 'verse. ADI is ranked #1 as an org in racing, along with members holding the top spots on the leaderboards on all 3 tracks). Sleepy and the guys there will work with you and help you learn to race.

Also, racing is turning out to be the fastest way to earn REC to rent new ships/gear. I spent an hour with the Aurora MR the other day to see what the REC per hour in racing is with that ship, and I earned over 1400 REC in 7 races (at that rate, it would take just under 4 hours to rent the Gamma at 5500 REC, which is a similar ship to the Omega). I didn’t even finish any of the races, came in last place (or near the back if there were people constantly crashing), and still earned that much. After that, I spent an hour in the Omega and earned 4545 REC (thanks to 2 races where about 8 racers started, but only 2 of us were left in the race at the end. Even using the average of the other 5 races to take the place of the 2 flukes, I still would have earned 3242 REC in that hour). Race some on Old Vanderval with the Omega and use the REC earned to try out the other ships you’re looking at for combat.

Once you learn the Omega, you can earn enough REC for a Gladius fighter (9k REC), in just under 3 hours of racing earning 3200 REC in an hour.