Need help figuring out my certificat for mumble

I was active along time ago and would like to be active again but my certificate for mumble isnt working. Anything I could do?

I keep getting wrong certificate or password error and cant advance to server channels

Hi Berserker39,

Add a 1 after your name on mumble. Then wait in the lobby. a Team Leader or above will be able to help you.

I tried that and im still getting the same error when i try connecting to the adi servers on mumble

Can you screen cap the error message?

yes ill do that in just a moment


Go to Server > Connect and select the ADI server, and click the edit button.

Under username add a 1 to the end, and then click Ok, and connect to mumble.

Stay in the lobby, a staff member will come by shortly and get you all fixed.

it worked im waiting in the lobby thanks!

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