Naming Spaceships ADI policy

Hi there,
seams one can start naming ones ships… now I can’t find any policy about that in the ADI sites. I’m sure that names with offensive character like slutlid or such stuff are not welcome. But would it be okay to name the Hammerhead “Bitch” ?for example ?
cu hopefully soon in the vers!

Hi Black, I believe the naming was limited to a few specific hulls and they did it in waves.

Here’s the link: Ship Naming Guide – Cloud Imperium Games Knowledge Base

Official ADI policy on ship naming.

“ADI policy on ship naming is to use the same standard we use for names. Nothing racist, sexist, insulting. We know there is a desire by some to give your ship a prefix of ADI or ADS but we’d prefer to keep those for org owned ships not personal ones.”


Thank you for clearance!

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