Name: Nausus/Josh


Hello, this is Nausus, Real name Josh. I’m looking for an active Org and some good fun. I’m Looking to do some Cargo runs and Security.


Heylo and Welcome Nausus, we are pretty active around here, and when we have the time do a lot of cargo runs in groups or with overwatch. What kind of ship do you haul cargo in?


Welcome to ADI Josh. ADI is very active with players from around the world. There’s lots to do here so don’t be shy about immersing yourself in the game. I look forward to running ops with you.


Welcome to ADI Nausus. Hope to see you once your all set in mumble. Hope to see you in a few.


Welcome aboard to ADI Nausus. You have found a great place to call home in the verse. Look forward to flying with you soon.


Welcome to ADI Nausus, It was a pleasure to onboard you. See you in the verse.


Cheers Nausus! Always look forward to running SC with ya! Glad to see you in ADI!!!


Welcome Nausus! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with an active and experienced membership to make new friends, chill, have fun and participate in org activities. What ship are you currently flying? Hope to see you in the Verse!


Welcome aboard ADI Josh! If you don’t have one already and if you can, purchase a Drake Cutlass Black, it is the best multi-role ship for the money. Not too squishy to be an instant target, carries a decent compliment of weapons which can be made better, carries a decent amount a cargo, you can squish a Cyclone RC in it, it has a decent enough speed to get away (unless something is bugged), and we used it for missions in ADI for both Search and Rescue (CSAR), and troop transport. I call it the pickup truck of SC and it reminds me of a Black Hawk in the Military. Oh one more other thing, it has decent QT range too and you don’t have to overclock your coolers to make it across the Stanton System.

Hope to see you soon in the Verse!


Hello Nausus and welcome to ADI! You have come to the right place for action! We do a lot of cargo runs and plenty of security! Be sure to check out the certs for each of those. It would be a great place to start! See you in game!


Hey Nausus,

Welcome! You have found the right place! ADI has a great community - lots of organization events - and so many folks that are helpful and answer any questions. I had fun playing Star Citizen before, but after joining ADI its been so much better.

Hit us up in mumble and lets explore the 'verse!



Hey Nausus! Welcome to ADI. You’ve certainly found the right place. We are running organized cargo runs with escorts to get a feel for how that will work (and because - security) as the PTU continues to progress. Looking forward to flying with you!


Hello Nausus! welcome to the org I’m glad you chose ADI to call your home in the 'verse. I look forward to meeting you in mumble!


Hello Nausus and welcome!

When it comes to cargo for small to medium sized ships, a Freelancer will always out perform a cutlass. Better range, more cargo, serious weapon loadout. You can even squish a cyclone in it (with some skill). A few might call the cutlass a pickup truck of SC, when in fact the Freelancer is literally the pickup truck of SC - just watch the commercials between the two.

But all joking aside, you joined at a great time as the cargo hauling is getting decent in the game and there’s always someone doing an organized run.

See you in the 'verse!


Welcome Josh, glad to have you aboard here at ADI! I’m looking forward to meeting you and to soon be flying in the 'verse!


Hello Nausus/josh
Glad to have you on board if i can help you in any way please just ask. I think you will like it here in ADI i sure do.
hope to see you in mumble soon and in the vers.


Welcome Nausus,

We look forward to playing with you. We do plenty of cargo runs, so we’ll have some good times I’m sure. Let me know if you need a hand with anything.



Thank you everyone, I currently have Freelancer Max and a Hornet.


Yes but the Freelancer costs more so you get a better bang for your buck with the Cutlass.

And the Freelancer is more of an 18 wheeler than a pickup truck … :wink: … lol

Both great ships Nausus … :slight_smile:


Welcome, Nausus! Great to have you aboard. Sounds like you’ll have plenty to do with both cargo and security. Hope to see you in the 'Verse soon!