My short AntLion Modmic 4.0 review and instal.

This arrived in my mail today:

A look at the microphone itself.

And here is the reason i bought the modmic instead of a gaming headset, these are to good to replace.
(Audio Technica ATH-AD900X)

Here is the finished installation after i cleaned the surface with rubbing alcohol and glued the mic on in the position that i wanted. Did some experimenting on the placement but this worked optimal for me, just used a twist tie to hold the cable for now. gonna order a cablesleeve to make it nice and pimpin tomorrow, update with pictures when the sleeve arrives=)

If anyone want to now how its sounds tho, i can demo it on TS when i’m online=)

Wow, interesting! I really like the fold up mic I have though. :slight_smile: