My old PC

Hi evryone, week agoe I landed in Lovrille and my game crusshed, I restart and load a game and wake up in Lovrille, but now I cant get anywhere I am stuck having big lag and cant even go few steps from room.
I know I have old PC and probably it cant run a game thats way I am stuck now in Lovrille.
But my qestion is if I aske CIG Support Team to respone me back in Port Olisar, are they will be able to do this ?
Otherwise I will not be able to play a game till I dont get a new PC.
PS. I can try with Shadow Cloud Gaming but they dont have a server centar in Ireland.

Poor guy. I had the same issues with my old graphics card.
I believe there are not able to do this, I am not quite sure on this specific point but I got Information that the tools of the Support-Team of CIG are in development as well.

I think they will suggest a player reset. This will take a couple of days, will delete all player data (Items, Credits, Look and Position) and leaves you with the starting Credits and default Uniform in PO.

What I did to escape Loreville was:

  • Not running at all
  • Stay in bed until everything is loaded fully… (wait for the black dots on the carpet)
  • Give the trains time to appear

I hope that helps a bit.

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OUCH, also wait until late at night and try turning down your graphics as far as you can. Also, stop anything in memory you don’t need. I know how it is to play with a slow computer. When I was beta testing SWTOR, I think the most FPS I had was like 5 to 10 FPS until I got my new computer. That same computer didn’t handle Star Citizen that well so I got a new one. Although really, it was more for Cyberpunk 2077 but works fine for Star Citizen too. Of course, it still can be improved a little. One more thing, when you do get a new rig, get an Intel I9 because Star Citizen is really built around the Intel platform and not AMD. AMD Threadripper runs nice but not as nice as Intel with the same video card which is hopefully a RTX 2080TI or better.

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right will try thanks for info …

What are your system specs?

If you want to go the Shadow route, I wouldn’t have thought it would be that big a deal that it isn’t completely local to you.

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If none of this works you will at worst just need to wait till the reset that comes with every new patch. That will put you back at Olisar, and wipe our account aid all ingame purchases, wealth, etc.


The reset and patch should be coming soon, it is on the testing server.

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Dunno but will hve to check for shadow coz on main page when I open it says this:
Shadow is not yet available in your country
Be the first to know when Shadow will be available!