My first "Staff Pick" on the machinima I made

My first ever “Staff Pick”. Thought I would share with the ADI fam. The machinima is a recreation of Top Gear in Star Citizen. It’s a love letter to the show I grew up watching and to the game I’ve been in love for the last two years.

This was made by me and my 10 yr old son. Took us 3 weeks to put it together.

Top hangar Ep1 link:

Community Hub link:


@lensnation I love this nearly as much as I love Top Gear! You and your son nailed it, very entertaining. I found myself lol’ing quite a few times.

I have been subscribed to your YouTube channel for a while now, didn’t realize you were in the org. :slight_smile: I am really thankful a member pointed your post out to me because I rarely check the forums.

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Heya Dumma. That means a lot mate. Yeah I always played without any org since 2018. Just joined ADI a month back. Thanks for enjoying the video and the shout-out on Discord as well. We have made a little bit of progress on YT and things seem to be going as fine as they could for a machnima channel :slight_smile:

That first Staff Pick is an awesome feeling :slight_smile: Awesome work, so much fun

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Yes. It was a surprise when it happened. Good to know that the devs know about your work :slight_smile:

Yeah, I did a video for Invictus a couple years back, first one I had made (and so far only one) but it was staff picked too. Was super surprising for me, as I wouldn’t have thought a first time submission would have garnered that much notice :slight_smile: Keep making them, and I’m sure you will get some more

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Very entertaining.

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Yes, I told myself that I wanted to participate in more events as they come, so I have started doing that. I came second in 60 seconds of Horror machinima last year. Looking forward to participating in future events.