Mumble QOS issues

Tonight I was unable to logon to Mumble from my Home IP. The connection would claim to work, but I would only see Root in the channel list and after a few minutes the server would disconnect me and retry a connection with the same result.

If I logged into my VPN client I was able to connect without issue from another IP.

If I turned off QOS in Mumble under Networking settings I could login without issue.

To my knowledge nothing significant has changed on this PC since the last time I used Mumble, so I am not sure if a server setting changed or if something on my end changed. I have not run any wireshark logs or anything but my router isn’t showing any unusual activity.

I am fine leaving QOS off, but if anyone else is having issues I can investigate further.

It sounds like a problem on your side. I do not have QOS on my new router setup and I have not turned off the QOS settings in Mumble. Are you running QOS any where else along your path?

Well everything is working correctly with QOS turned on this morning. It was a very strange issue. I mostly just wanted people to see my fix if they ran into the same problem. I don’t have QOS turned on anywhere on my network path, but something went wonky last night.

I was having problems earlier today where Mumble was repeatedly disconnecting and reconnecting me. I wasn’t actually in SC and was mostly chatting in Discord, so I just shut down Mumble. Now I’ve got it up again and it’s staying connected.

No idea what was going on. Just wanted you to know you’re not losing your mind.

First please do NOT turn on QOS unless you have setup QOS in your home router AND your ISP supports QOS, the vast majority do not. Some ISP and backbone providers treat rogue QOS packets poorly, and can result in unexpected issues such as disconnects etc.

While you’re having connectivity issues run this command in a dos windows:


It will take 5-10 minutes to run, post the output here or DM it to me on discord.

Most likely it’s a routing issue somewhere between you and the Data Center that we host mumble in. But, if it’s an issue with the datacenter or our server, I’ll be able to fix it based off that information, or tell you it’s your ISP.

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