Mumble Overlay - Windows 10

I thought I would make a post as I had a bunch of trouble getting the overlay working within Star Citizen on windows 10. I’ve been to a few flight nights now without the overlay. its made it challenging to remember whos talking and putting voices to names. These are the steps I had to use in order to get it working.

  1. Be sure to run the 64 bit Development Snapshot version of Mumble 1.3.0~2318~g8f65051~snapshot.

  2. Make sure Direct X is updated. If your unsure what version you are running type “DXdiag” in the windows search bar. Being windows 10 you should be running DirectX 12.

  3. Make sure Overlay is enabled in the Settings in Mumble. Click the settings button > Overlay > Options > Enable Overlay

  4. Right click mumble and Run as Administrator. ( be sure to do this every time you run Mumble ) and make sure you run it before you start the Star Citizen launcher.

  5. Launch Star Citizen. your name should be at the top right of the game in loading screens, main screen and in the game.

I hope this helps anyone that is looking to get it working properly. Feel free to message me if you cant get it working and I can try and help out.

See you guys in the verse.


Thanks! I didn’t even know mumble had an overlay. I’ll have to check this out.

Update (If it’s not working for you):
If you have windows 10 & want to use the overlay don’t update to the (current newest update 1.3.1)… It just doesn’t work… No process priority or administrative powers shall help you on this version.
Go and download 1.3.0, on which it is working.

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I noticed that after installing Mumble v1.3.1 my overlay stopped working.

I downloaded 1.3.0 the other night and my overlay is working for what it’s worth.

Yeah, the only thing that’s weird with 1.3.0 is the toggle overlay keybind… For me it’s actually Crash Mumble keybind…
Edit: Now it doesn’t crash mumble, but to be sure the whole Star Citizen haha