Mumble overlay on Star Citizen

Has anyone setup a mumble overlay on Star Citizen? And if so, how?

Star Citizen doesn’t allow Mumble overlay anymore. I believe it’s something to do with the Easy Anti Cheat program.

Well that sucks. Thanks.

What about voice attack? Have they messed that up as well?

You can use mumble’s Talking UI box and overlay that on top of star citizen. Its not perfect but fit for purpose. Voice attack works well with SC. No issues what so ever.

Okay, I was trying it earlier and it didn’t seem to be doing anything in the game.

Most of the voice commands correspond to key bindings that have not been allocated by default by star citizen. You need to allocate a key binding to the commands you want voice attack to access. For example “Request Landing Permission” does not have a key assigned to it by default. So you will need to assign a key to it. You also need to save/export your key bindings profile, then point voice attack to that file. You need to repeat this step each time you change your key bindings.