Mumble issue - No Computer change or Reinstall


Mumble decided to go Fubar on me today. Don’t know if it was related to an update Windows forced onto me, but when I opened it the ADI server was no longer saved and my Cert gone.

I Uploaded my backup and put the details in again, but when it offers me the “Server provided a certificated that failed verification” message, clicking yes does nothing but say SSL failed (and then repeats).


Putting a “1” after my name doesn’t solve.

Make sure you’re connecting to not something else.

Yup, the address is correct. Used the homepage link to make sure.

Trying with my laptop

The fix:

Go to appdata, user, roaming, mumble;

Rename mumble.sqlite as mumble.sqlite.old

Acts as a hard reset, but reinstalling and changing certs didn’t work so it was the only method left.

The homepage is incorrect should be: NOT verify which you’re using.

I’m currently connected using, but I just tested mbl.adiclan and that does work too

The error you’re getting is a certificate error, it was happening because you were connecting to instead of because we couldn’t purchase a wild card cert for the mumble server. This will pop up again for you and others, we probably need to check the website and change all things that say to

I’ll go look through that now