Mumble for Linux

For those on Linux and rocking it out HC rebel style. Couple of hints on getting mumble working.

1 - If you have Ubuntu or similar distro, utilize the Software and Updates App to install Mumble. I usually try to utilize the ppa repository and prefer this method, but the install wouldn’t function.

2 - Whether you are using the Ubuntu Software and Updates or terminal with ppa installation - do your standard ‘sudo apt-get update’

3 - Don’t run Mumble! DON"T DO IT! FIRST - run your PulseAudio, QJack/Jack Audio, or preferred sound output/input tool.

4 - (Optional) Test your input/outputs to insure you are aware of which input/outputs are hosting your mic and headphones/speakers.

5 - Run Mumble. If you don’t run your sound input/output management tool first, Mumble doesn’t (in my experience) provide any output or input device for utilizing the service.

6 - Setup your input and output devices as per Step 4. Setting input for your virtual or actual hardware mic jack and same for your output.

7 - Follow standard Mumble Setup Instructions on ADI:
ADI Mumble Setup

8 - Bumble and Mumble on Ubuntu

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