Mumble Distortion

My voice in Mumble has been distorted yet again. There is crackling, volume changed. My setup is two PCs to a switch to ethernet, the PCs are connected with Mouse Without Borders. At the time I was the only one using this network, no streaming other than Mumble, Star Citizen. When I listen to my mic on VoiceMeeter, it sounds fine, but when I listen to it through Mumble’s Audio Wizard, or when others hear ne, it’s distorted.

Edit: It was happening, until I closed SC, it didn’t come back when I opened SC again.

Disabled Windows exclusivity control over the microphone so there will be hopefully less arguing over who has priority?

Make sure that you have the microphone/input set the same in Mumble as you do for VoiceMeeter. Also try recording your microphone in Audacity and see if you have any distortion there. I can’t imagine your network would have anything to do with crackling. Network issues would cause a robotic/choppy sound. Can you be any more specific about the crackling? Clipping (when the audio level/gain is too high) can cause a crackling type sound. You might need to turn down the volume of your mic/input in Mumble.
It could also be possible that you have some type of feedback in your sound settings in windows. Right click the speaker icon on the bottom right and go to sound settings (this is Windows 11 I’m on. Windows 10 has something very similar, but the names of menus might be a little different). Then go to volume mixer (you’ll have to have all of the programs you run when the issue occurs running to see them in this list). Click each app and see if you have any inputs set to anything other than your mic (or default) or outputs set to anything other than your speakers (or default, or headphones if that’s the case). Anything set to default will use the Input/Output that is set on the Sound Settings menu.

My setup is: mic->interface->PC USB port->Nvidia Broadcast->Voicemeeter->Mumble
Problem happens when I am going from Voicemeeter to Mumble, when Star Citizen is running and I am in PU, not in main menu. If I go from Broadcast to Mumble, skip Voicemeeter, it’s fine.

Just skip voicemeter?

Yes, problem is that now I can’t mute my mic, with my keybind, which should be fine.

Why can’t you mute the mic with a keybind? it works fine for me.

Do you meen in Mumble? I like to have a key that mutes it everywhere and Voicemeeter was doing that.