Mumble Cert Issue

Hey Guys,
Built a new rig and somehow lost my cert. When trying to install mumble and join the clan chat it now gives me a “Wrong Certificate or Password” error. Any ideas?

@Engrish_Bulldog you need to emport your cert from your old pc and import it on the new.

But if it is impossible you can just go in and put a 1 at the end of your username on Mumble and it will let you in. Then a staff member will come and help you get a cert.

Congrats to your new rig.

  1. You do not have any Certificate.
    Create a new Certificate:

  2. A password is set.
    You don’t need a Password, but you probably now that.

  3. We have to delete your old Certificate on server side first.
    Login with a different Username.

After you joined our Mumble Server, please stay in the Lobby.
We (TeamLeader or higher) will have you confirm your Identity by sending us a PM/DM in the forum or Discord. After that, your new Certificate gets the correct permissions and you can change your username.

Hope this is right. I am no pro on Mumble either.

Thanks Guys, I’ll try that - appreciate the help!