Mumble and the lowering of sound in Star Citizen


I was wondering if anyone experienced this in the PU; I’m relatively new to ADI and found that after installing mumble, it got harder and harder to hear the actual in game sounds. Now, even when mumble is completely uninstalled, the in game sounds are low and I have to raise the volume on my speakers to pass max just to hear say the ship requisition area computer or the on board Constellation computer or even lovely Tessa at the Probe.

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a possible work around other than a complete reinstall of the game?

Hope all is well out in the verse!


Check your sound settings, in the Communications tab, if it isn’t reducing volume of all applications when voice comma are detected.

Besides that, if your issue persist it’s unlikely Mumble caused it.

Thanks will check this and let you know what happens.

Much appreciated.


Checked and this changed nothing. All other applications seem fine sound wise. I noticed this subtly ever time I would have a long mumble session, the actual in game noises got fainter and fainter till I finally could not hear them. Very odd. Oh well will reinstall the game. Hopefully this will clear it up.

I’ve noticed similar issues with other voip programs.

There are two things I would check on personally,

  1. Mumbles settings (as Sangoria suggested). Under audio output there is a two lovely tickboxes “while others users talk and while you talk” which apply the above settings, such as reduced volume by X% amount etc.
    I personally turn them off, so when I’m speaking and someone higher-up-rank than me speaks I would be able to hear them, and cut my mindless rambling short, instead of them coming through at X volume and mistakenly talking over each other.

  2. Your speaker / headphones settings under windows (not your audio software).
    On your windows volume icon, open up playback devices, next right click open the properties on your speakers/headphones (which ever your using for your sound) and go to the advanced tab. On here is a tick box for Exclusive Mode try unticking this.
    Exclusive mode effectively gives a program/game the ability to turn down/change your global volume.
    An example would be volume set to 10% in a game, then when alt tabing / switching out of the game everything would be set to 10% volume such as mumble/video players or vice versa.

That seemed to get me back some of the lost sound but I still have to raise my volume to hear the game.

Hmm…oh, I used both suggestions by the by, Thank You both for taking the time to help with this.


Do you have skype running by any chance?

My suggestion to solve this long term is to get a headset that has separate audio outputs for chat and game sounds that you can control from the headset itself.


Yes, Skype is running in the background in case my gal soul mater partner for all existence happens to com me from the other side of the planet :frowning:

I’ll try shutting it down and see what I get there. Thanks for the headset suggestion as well!


Try a headset like one of these 2:

Once you can control the game and voice volume separately you won’t even want to go back.

Most appreciated Jay!

Be well all!