Mumble Admin and Attendance

Can you please correct my name on Mumble to Teufelhunden (which is the correct spelling) and if you want, drop the (SK9)? I added SK9 on there so it would be easier to pronounce. The current Mumble name of Teufelhuden is misspelled and it should be Teufelhunden.

My attendance will increase after Time Warner fixes my cable line. We isolated noise on the main line from the neighbor concentrator to the neighborhood box. This is causing the modem to reset every 3 or so hours with numerous errors on the line. In addition, I need to replace a firewall NIC that is showing a lot of errors. It is a 20 year NIC and in that time Cisco would not play nicely with some NIC cards which may be the case here since it is vlan truncated to a 2950 Cisco switch. Or, it could simply be finally wearing out since it is long past the MTBF.


Thank you JayC