Mumble 1.4.274 being blocked by windows security

Hi Folks,
I was just trying to keep UTD on things and saw where Mumble had a new version. I went to the site and downloaded it. Then Windows slammed the door on me. Windows security would not let me open, view, or run the file. Windows is NOT my Virus or security default on my computer. Any suggestions? Or should I just stay with the version of Mumble I have. Just trying to keep things up so when I get a chance to play regularly again I will not have a huge update load to do. I even got a Tobii5 tracker… so I am itching to try it out. Thanks Yazz

Try running as admin. Should do that installing and running the app.

Run as admin is a must. If windows is blocking you from installing it after downloading it, click on more info on the warning page and click on run anyway.