MrAxeHead Flight Sim entry level

Hey I am trying to figure out the best way to go about building the first iteration of my flight sim.

I like the idea of all the gear being mounted on a chair or desk mounts. The chair mounting system from Monstertech looks pretty solid and I hear great things about it. I also have seen a desk mounting system from VKB.

I want recommendations on these two options as well DIY ideas or any other suggestions that you think is better. I also am in the market for a great chair and desk that I can build my budding system around.

My dream is to eventually build or buy a full on simpit that I can have set up in a different room.

Also I want recommendations and advice on the hardware to use and have. I want to have a dual stick system as well as a throttle. Virpil seems a bit to pricey for me but if someone has a different opinion I would like to hear it.

If you want me to clarify on anything feel free to message me!


I really like the VKB Gladiator series, it’s what I use. The Omni throttle is great and a really good option for a dual stick setup. It’s a good compromise between price/quality. There’s nothing about the setup that feels cheap or low end, it can be modified to suit your style (changing out switches to hats and vice/versa) and also can do lots of software based configs if you desire to. I think Gladiators mounted to your chair would be great, but they work well just sitting on your desk as well.

MonsterTech is worth the money in my opinion. I think the most important thing is to look for flexibility as your sim choice and how deep you go change over time. I am constantly making changes/improvements.

Also we cover controls at some level in all our podcasts.