MrAxeHead Brand New Computer setup for SC

So I have a series of questions looking for recommendations regarding my brand new setup that I am looking to build. I currently am planning on the following for my setup:

Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk
Monstertech Blackbird Chair
4k Primary monitor
Mount arm for monitor

I currently have a LG 1080p monitor that I can use to save on not getting a second screen until I have more money. My tower is a 7900X with a 4080, 32gb of RAM, and storage.

I am looking at a Samsung 4k for the new primary monitor and am looking for recommendations on what monitor comes highly recommended. Should I go for an ultrawide? Is there a competing brand that is better/has a better deal right now during black friday season?

Should I go for a TV instead of a monitor? Should I get a new monitor to just replace the LG I have?

What mounting arm would be best paired with this new Primary display and is there an option that would also allow me to pair it with my LG monitor in order to get them both on the mount?

I am looking to get the best experience in SC with a foundation for upgrading the experience in the future. Hence the monstertech chair as they have great integrated options for mounting sticks/throttles/etc.

My budget isn’t infinite (obviously) but I am not looking to scrimp too much. I also want to take advantage of the season to get the best deal possible.

OLED TV will be cheaper than an OLED monitor if you want OLED tech now. You’ll have to settle for 42" minimum if you go that route though.