Hi! Real name is “Michael,” but you’re free to call me “Moto.” I’m a Mount&Blade modder (code monkey) who went on to help start a studio. Like most devs, my in-game skills are not the best!

I’ll try mumbling in tonight, AST – microphone was screaming feedback when I tried setting it up.

Hello Moto!

Can’t wait to hear more about your adventure in starting up a studio. Glad to have you on board and welcome to ADI! See you soon!


Hello and welcome to ADI Moto! Which mods have you made for M&B? While I haven’t modded yet, or can call myself a developer, I do work with 3D graphics in my free time.

Thanks! I started with FormAI, a demo project that redid formations (this was before Warband) and replaced the battle AI. That pulled me into Brytenwalda.

You have a portfolio to view? Always looking to lengthen my list of people that won’t flake out on us…

Welcome Moto. More codemonkeys for the squadron :smiling_imp:

Hello Moto,

Welcome to ADI! I’m glad you’re joining us. That’s awesome that you’re into modding. I can relate to your experiences with modding. Coding takes a lot of time and can really pull you away from gaming. It’s fun though, that’s awesome you’re into that. See you around in game hopefully.