MISC Freelancer MIS variant. Interesting things inside.

Here is a look at the cargo and missile carrying systems of the MISC Freelancer MIS Variant.

Sauce of entire album. Larger images inside.

Mmmm. Freelancer

What are these on the sides? They aren’t supports, whatever they are.

Whats that then? At the top?

Those are wear marks inside that tube. And that looks like a carrier. Is this a missile loading system? And are those rails missile racks?

View from the front of this system.

These line up with whatever that system is in the cargo deck.

Those look like missile racks.

Holy crap, those are LAU’s!

From the top of the port engine.

Port wing LAU array. Starboard side is the same.

View from the top of the flight deck.

Just noticed the port wing is, in fact, not the same, its a bug.

Scale shot


Is this the docking ring?

Confirmed. Thats the docking ring.

Underneath the Ring inside the airlock looking towards the flight deck.

The flight deck. Im gonna spend a lot of time here.

Flight deck looking aft.



Does anybody have the transport variant? I am looking to migrate to that variant, and wanted to see it before jumping onboard.

Considering to get the MAX as well, however there’s a lot of YouTube videos.

As much as I like the MIS, and man I like the MIS, I just can’t pull the trigger.

As it stands now my money maker is the Freelancer Hull, and the MIS just cuts out some profit. Where as the MAX hopefully adds to it for bulk runs. (I assume the beater Aurora will a big box will be the best for the small runs)

What keeps me floating over the buy button though is LTI, as not really needed as it is, IMO it makes more sense to have the combat ships with it, since the haulers hopefully will never get a scratch. (Read, MIS the current LTI Lancer, buy another MAX in PU later)

Besides the debate, here is to hoping that the MIS is the flying missile magazine for the Hornet Scanner/Hornet Ghost i hope it is. If we can change the missile load out on the fly, (HARM, Target seeking, decoy, dumb, etc) Have group targeting for beyond sensor range targets, thing would be epic.

That is if Missile range ends up being greater that sensor. If that’s not the case, this boy be sad.