Mining Woes

I think we all have experienced that we now have to be within about 1000m from a mineable deposit before we can see it, but I encountered something really weird today.

Mined a Quant rock on Lyria. Filled up my Prospector and jumped to ARC L1 to get it into the refinery. Landed on pad and alarm had not begun to chirp. Alarm went from crickets to going ape as I was exiting ship. It blew up just as I got to the elevator. It sure seems like the 15 minute timer got accelerated on that run and cost me over 19k to repair the ship. Anyone else experienced this?

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You should be able to focus your scanner to just 2-degrees instead of 180 and it * should * allow you up to 10,000m to notice if there’s a tight clump of 2 or more (usually Quant).

But some of the more seasoned miners here may be able to speak to this more than me.


Asteroid mining scans have seen a change as well, but not as bad as what you describe. What I’ve seen is whereas it used to always give you the rock location at 5k or less, it often stops reporting the rock entirely between roughly 5k and 3k. Then it shows up. I didn’t notice a change on the quant timer. I always start a stopwatch on my watch when I first start loading quant so I know where I’m at on the timer. Alarm started squawking as I landed at MicL1, at about the 8:30 mark. Stored the ship without issue and started the refining job.


I have done some research on line and some personal game trials. The on line information is to go under key binding’s for radar and change them to alt+mouse wheel up / down to change the angle of the active scan. this can show passive rock markers up to 8k away. I have tried this in the halo and it sometimes works. I will try surface side tonight. The main issue I have is sometimes after scanning with this method all of my controls lock up . Mouse will look around but the keyboard is not recognized and I have to reboot the computer. Nothing but to keep trying though.

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Yikes! Good info Yazz. Thanks.

Yea. I was able to do a couple of quant jobs today without issue. Now, if I could only find quant rocks that weren’t 2%.

I wish to thank all of those who helped yesterday with the mining groups on Clio. It allowed me to play with the settings for the scanner for a couple of hours. It was fun working with groups of three or more in prospectors. The generosity and true spirit of cooperation of this organization really makes me proud to be a part of it. Now to business…

The optimal setting for scanners I found to be at 180 to 179 degree angle for two reasons.

  1. Reduces directional confusion by not picking up the areas behind you that you have already been over.
  2. I got the passive white dots to show up within an average of 5k meters so you could tell if they were a cluster or a single rock. This should be good for Lyria. Just remember to aim when using tab again.

Still no good news on the scanning at far distances for composition of the rock… looks like we are stuck with that.
If anyone wants to try this on the Halo and let me know the results please do.

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Star Citizen 3.17 How to use the new scanner, Mining Tips and Tricks. - YouTube Part 1

Star Citizen 3.17 How to use the new scanner, Mining Tips and Tricks. part 2 - YouTube Part 2, response to viewer questions

Not sure if this is what you are talking about. If so hope it helps.

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Great info, once I got over being seasick from him running around in circles. Thanks!