Mining Interface Scan Failure

Have you ever been out mining and suddenly the outlines (grey and yellow) for the rocks don’t appear and the scanning won’t happen either in scan mode or mining mode? It happens to me pretty frequently. I’ve tried getting in and out if seat, power toggling, toggling mining mode, going to other rocks… Only thing that seems to work is server hopping. Do you have any insights into this problem? Ways to circumvent it or fix it?

just started exploring the mining side. I did notice that the NB cave quest is buggy and that I can not use my hand multi tool in a no fire zone.

I’ve ran into this. I’ve had it sometimes where if I just mine one blind going by the audible queues (Overheating!!), it often, although not always, corrects itself on the next rock.


I am assuming it is a bug with scan mode because if I do not use scan mode before entering mining mode, this doesn’t happen. If I am mining on the surface of a planet, I will leave it in mining mode and run to the next Rock on the map and it will work on that one. Then I turn around and come back to the rock that I wanted to mine, and it will be scannable. Other things I have done was back off about 500 m up into the air, do a full backflip while in mining mode, and then come back to the ground and it has worked before. So far the leaving and going and scanning a different Rock and coming back is the only one that has worked 100% for me. The backflip method is maybe a 30% fix rate.

I am not sure if anyone else has experienced this. However I have noticed over the past three days whenever I go out a mine in my Prospector the hopper registers inert material instead of the ore I am collecting. { ex 12 ecu of gold shows up as 12 of inert}. It corrects itself on the processing order at the refinery though.

Oh that’s interesting, I’ve not seen that myself or at least I haven’t noticed.
And in reference to this original topic, I eventually figured it out. It’s just a bug/feature where certain rocks are “dead” for whatever reason and you just need to move on. I originally thought it was my scanner that was the issue and I would bed log to try to fix it, but rocks that are near you when you load back into the world are almost always dead, just compounding the issue. Eventually I figured it out and I just have to move on whenever I see a dead rock. Hopefully it’ll get fixed at some point, there’s been a good number of times where there’s some sweet sweet orange flecks of quantanium on a dead rock / group of dead rocks.

I had more fun yesterday. I could scan rocks if I wasn’t looking at them. And then when I tried to mining them, I only got the mining overlay when I wasn’t looking at them. But you can’t mine right next to them so that didn’t work. Getting out and back into my seat helped with something but not that. And the rocks ready for extraction I couldn’t get because I could only switch beween mining mode and mining mode. I tried logging but all the rocks ready to extract disappeared.:frowning:

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Mining is generally pretty stable, but sometimes the bugs just keep coming :laughing: